The Secret Question

Many years ago when I was interviewing Realtors to sell my home in Tennessee, I asked each of them a question. One of the Realtors, told me she could not answer that question. Another Realtor gave me an answer, but I felt it was a weak answer. The Realtor I selected was the one who gave the strongest answer, and we sold my home very quickly in 2007 while others were starting to have problems selling their homes.

80% of homes sell because they are listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and a few others because someone saw a sign in the front yard. Virtually any Realtor will put a sign in your yard and list your home for sale in MLS. I use a list of proprietary techniques to get homes sold quicker and for a higher price.

Any Realtor can put a sign in your front yard and enter your home in MLS - I pledge to offer your something different, something more - which other Realtors can't or won't do. Let's talk!

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Success Stories

This is not intended to solicit any listing from homes that are currently listed. If you have questions or concerns with your current Realtor, I suggest you openly discuss your questions and concerns with your Realtor; after all, you are working as a team to sell your home.

Sold 2 homes on the same street

I listed a home across the street from a larger, less expensive home that had been listed for 6 months. My listing sold in 2 months. After I put the sold sign up, the owners of the home across the street, that had been listed longer, asked their agent to call me to find out what I had done to sell my listing so quickly. Naturally, I don't like giving away my propriety techniques, but I provided a couple of tips to help out. After 2 more months, the home owners across the street decided to make a change in Realtors because they were looking at the very real possibility of having to live in different states until their home sold.

When I sat down with my new clients to develop our strategy for selling their home, the home owner said - "so, I guess you want to lower the price" and I responded, "Actually, no. I believe your home is priced well, but I'm not sure how well your property has been marketed. With your permission, I feel we should leave your home priced as it is and see if we can find the right buyer."

We sold their home in about 2 months without lowering the listing price.

Listed and sold a home for more...

One of my former clients contacted me about selling her home. I stopped by and walked through her home with her and sat down to discuss her thoughts. We quickly found that although she would be satisfied with $155,000, I felt that based on the condition of her home and the current market that we could sell her home for around $164,900.

We ended up selling her home in 33 days for full list price of $164,900.

Can I help you sell your home?

I welcome the opportuntity to sit down with you and develop a plan to sell your home quickly for as much as the market will bear. Let's make your home the next success story!