My daughter and I are offering homeowner, auto, life, renters, business, RV, motorcycle, and life insurance from her office at 1730 W Duval Commerce Court #9 in the same building as Green Valley RV and Storage near the Green Valley Animal League and Triple Play.

In my own personal experience, I had received a homeowner’s renewal from my former insurance carrier for $1,200/year which was double what we had paid the current year. There were no claims, no credit issues, and the company could not explain why my insurance was doubling. Brianna’s company, American National came in at $363/year while including additional coverages of $50,000 identity theft protection, major systems coverage which allows us to repair or replace our air conditioning system with a deductible of $1,000, and service line which provides similar coverage for underground utilities.  As a Realtor, I see tremendous value in this coverage for my clients, friends, and family – great protection for a great price.